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Segreta means secret in Italian, did you know that? From a unique and secret recipe, we make pizza dough the authentic Roman way. Baked in cast iron pizza pans, our dough is made by a passionate pizzaiolo, right here on site.

Roman Pizza Al Taglio, Deliciously Creative


Half-meter pizza - 5 slices - Feeds 2-3 people
Due to popular demand please place your weekend orders before Thursday 8pm.

All in-store purchases are sold and priced by the slice only.

Pizza Rosso

* Vegan options possible, EVEN for Italian spicy sausage!! Prices may differ. Call us to confirm details and availability.

** Custom orders are welcome, please call us 48hrs in advance.

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Why is pizza al taglio so exquisite you ask?

Prepared from quality ingredients, the dough rests for a fermentation period of 72 to 96 hours. This process results in a very light pizza dough and it becomes soft and airy at the same time, but once out of the oven, the pizza al taglio keeps an irresistible crispness.

Local Products and Italian Inspiration:
Everything is Made Right Here

For red pizzas, the sauce is prepared from fresh crushed tomatoes. We use local flour of choice and ingredients that follow the seasons. For our cooking, we always choose quality products, from sea salt to olive oil.

SEGRETA Pizza Al Taglio: A Savoury Secret

Unlike its Neapolitan cousin, the Roman pizza allows great creativity in the choice of toppings. The dough becomes the canvas of all desires. Classic margarita or various toppings with pistachios and nuts, meats and cheeses, finely cut vegetables, everything is possible. Vegan, vegetarian or generously topped with meat, our pizza appeals to the whole family, from children to parents!

We can’t wait to share our pizza with you!


SEGRETA Pizza AL Taglio + Epicerie Italienne

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